When you use our freight shipping services, you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive when promised. Certain types of shipments can have guaranteed delivery added for an additional cost. If you want to avoid paying extra money for a redelivery attempt, you should be sure that delivery can be accomplished on the day and time you’ve picked.

In most cases, we base our freight shipping costs on a combination of criteria. Things like the nature of the shipment, its destination, the distance it will go, and the weight it will include are all factors to think about first.

General Liability – $1,000,000

Auto Liability/BIPD – $1,000,000

Workers’ Compensation – Statutory Limits

Cargo – $100,000

To obtain a carrier package, please contact us through email. Include a copy of your MC authority, insurance, and W9 with your completed carrier package.

Yes ! Existing or brand-new. All carriers are encouraged to join us.

No contracts of any kind are necessary. Our company’s cooperation with its transporters is strictly ad hoc.

We guarantee the lowest and most competitive prices in the market at all times. Please complete the form by clicking the link below. After submitting this form for a freight quote request, a representative will contact you via phone within 5 minutes to confirm your details, gather any further information needed, and offer you with a quote.


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